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Jasco International Pvt Ltd deals with  fast pace is taking a toll on our health, habits and our general well-being, and with it our food habits are also undergoing serious changes. Lifestyle diseases are silent killers; and as we continue to recklessly consume readily available food items, little do we realize the gradual harm being done to our body and life clock. Hence, the developing Indian society is marked by sedentary lifestyle, arbitrary eating and sleeping habits.
While eating the right food at the right time is one of the ways to a healthier lifestyle, cooking with the right oil also plays an equally important role for healthy living. Bombarded with a plethora of varieties and brands available in the market today, buying the right cooking oil is a mammoth task. Hence, it is essential to judge wisely and select the right oil for you and your family’s well- being.
Jasco International Pvt Ltd proudly presents Healthy and Tasty cooking oil, a healthy alternative to regular cooking oil. Healthy & Tasty helps retain the sumptuous taste of the ingredients along with their nutritional value thus giving us healthy food that tastes great.
Jasco International Pvt Ltd Healthy and Tasty cooking oil is available in 4 different variants. Let’s look at the variants so that you can make an informed choice about the kind of oil that best suits your cooking.

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