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Sunflower Oil

JASCO INTERNATIONAL PVT LTD (JIPL) brands such as Fine Drop comprise a range of healthy cooking oil brands in mustard, refined oil and vanaspati, thus catering to the tastes and preferences of different categories of consumers. Our emphasis on 'convenience' packaging of our brands ensures that they meet the needs of consumers at every price point. All our brands have been developed on the basis of consumer feedback and preferences derived from in-depth market research. Over the years we have invested significantly in nurturing these brands in terms of quality, health, packaging and market penetration.

JASCO INTERNATIONAL PVT LTD (JIPL) has been able to create very powerful brands in the mustard oil segment, a very significant achievement of mustard oil in South India.

Fine Drop Refined Sunflower Oil is clear, light and low absorbing. It thus allows you to ?cook more with less oil?. It is rich Vitamins A, D & E which makes it good for your child?s health. It does not contain cholesterol and Trans fatty acids. Not only is it healthy, it is gives good taste to food so your entire family can have a great meal together.To top all of this, Fine Drop is priced extremely attractively and hence offers excellent value for money.

It is currently available in various pack sizes:1 liter pouch, 5 liter jar and 15 kg tin.
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